ADU kits for your in-laws’ peaceful stay during Christmas

Dec 09, 2021

Christmas is that time of the year for your older parents and in-laws to come and visit you and the grandchildren. However, you need to strike a balance between proximity and independence. If you are not ready with them moving into your personal space, then consider having ADU kits installed nearby. On the other hand, your older parents and in-laws might prefer to have an independent place to stay and move around with their own free will. Tiny house kits are an ideal choice to serve as your in-laws’ apartment during Christmas. The tiny home kits are like separate units that provide your family with privacy yet ensure they are all close-knit and together. BOSS Tiny House has arrived with the tiny home kits for sale. Here are a few things that you need to consider while choosing an ADU kit from BOSS.

Check the size 

The ADU kits come in different sizes, styles, layouts, and designs and can get customized to suit your specifications. The standard size chart of the kits is 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′. However, you can either have them bigger or smaller based on the requirement. The standard size can have at least five people living together, while a smaller one will be able to accommodate two people at ease. The tiny home kits have pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities with other pre-planned amenities to ensure a comfortable and fine lifestyle during the stay on Christmas.

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ADU installation 

Did you know you can get the ADU installed in your yard within three days? The ADU kits arrive in DIY kits. The prefab structures have a user-friendly installation guide. The entire installation requires two people to assemble the structures perfectly. The tiny house kits at BOSS have a three-year warranty and are extremely durable. The sturdy roof and doors get manufactured from ASTM-certified steel, with the vinyl cladding offering the right insulation. The DIY kits are ready for use as soon as the installation gets completed.

ADU kits on sale – Home loans are also available 

This Christmas, BOSS gets you functional and spacious tiny home kits for sale. However, if you are short of cash, then get a home loan for the tiny house of your choice. You won’t have to knock on different doors for the loan. BOSS Home Loan Scheme gives you the opportunity to invest in ADU kits without the pocket pinch. Just talk to the loan department about the eligibility criteria. If you meet the benchmark, then the loan gets sanctioned within minutes after the paperwork has been completed. The home loan and the sale offer ensure an affordable deal this season.

ADU – A future investment 

Your ADU unit can also be a great investment for the future. Your in-laws and parents can stay for some time, after which you can plan to rent out the ADU unit. The rent will ensure that you get additional pay every month and also repay the loan successfully.

Invest now!

If you have parents or in-laws coming over, then make the decision now. BOSS offers a free consultation session. Book your appointment and request a no-obligation quote.

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