Adding an ADU House Kit Can Increase the Property Value! Know How

Jun 07, 2024

Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your property or asset dramatically and secure a financially stable future? You must consider adding an ADU house kit to your property. ADU or accessory dwelling unit is the most cost-effective and efficient way of significantly increasing the value of your property. Modern homeowners are embracing these kits to increase the value and to add a functional space to their property. These easy-to-construct or installed and structurally durable additions are believed to bring a significant improvement in the value of the property.


A few benefits of installing ADU home kits:

If you start considering the benefits of adding an ADU kit to your property, then the benefits are endless. New-age homeowners trust these structures over traditional construction for their affordability, mess-free, time-effective, and simple installation, and the functionality they bring along. 

Of late, most millennial and genZ homeowners have embraced the simplicity and minimalist approach of the ADU home kits and are investing in them for the additional space in their assets. Besides, the way that these structures enhance the property value makes for an added benefit. 

Moreover, these structures are delivered as pre-fabricated or DIY kits that not only take little time for installation but also save the expenses of labor and material. Furthermore, if market insights are to be believed, adding an ADU kit to your property can gain you $15000 in equity. Isn’t that a deal to vouch for? 

Apart from the financial gains, an ADU kit also offers a versatile space in your property that can be utilized for multiple uses. From using the space as an in-law suite to offering a private space to your teenage kids, from using it as a workspace to homeschooling the children, there are endless possibilities with an ADU kit. 

Can ADU kits save money?

As already mentioned, an ADU kit is designed as prefabricated units, which saves a significant amount of money as no contractors are involved. Furthermore, if you have the necessary tools and experience, you can opt for DIY installation and save the money spent on installers. Homeowners who have the experience of both a traditional construction and ADU kit, share that they have saved around 90% on the material and labor expenses by choosing ADU home kits. 

Where to find the pre-fabricated ADU kits?

BOSS is a renowned, reliable, trustworthy, and leading manufacturer of ADU kits. BOSS uses commercial-grade materials that are weatherproof and class 1 fire-resistant. The walls are designed from 3” interlocking panels with B17 insulation. The roof is constructed from 5” steel panels with R38 insulation and is capable of enduring a snow load of 30 lbs/sqft. BOSS ADU kits are available in the size range of 256 to 576 sqft with a layout that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/living. 

Furthermore, BOSS ADU kits are preinstalled with ADA-standard doors and plumbing and electrical solutions. These structures adhere to the California Building Codes and are delivered with a permit package that makes the approval process seamless. Finally, BOSS also offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty on the structures and easy installment solutions with CustomFin financing. 

Wrapping up

If you are in need of extra space on your property, there is no other option better than adding an ADU house kit. An ADU kit is an extremely versatile and useful addition to your property, both in terms of enhancing the property value and the functionality and efficiency that it offers. Order an ADU kit today and take a step towards sustainability and durability. 








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