Accessory dwelling units for extra space within your budget

Aug 04, 2023

Are you exploring ADU home kits or prefab structures? An accessory dwelling unit is an independent residential dwelling that is smaller. These homes are on the same plot as the main property. These are also called secondary suites, accessory apartments, or granny flats. ADUs can be converted into segments of existing homes. An ADU cannot be bought or sold separately. The scenario of the property market is changing. Flexibility in housing is bringing about a change in lifestyle, environmental, and financial scenarios. An ADU is like a secondary property where the aging parents live, or you give it for rent. The states in the US encourage ADU construction with proper zoning permits. 


Are you planning additional income?

Do you have an ADU in your backyard? An ADU is a tiny house on a foundation. You can make additional income by renting out your ADU. Most areas allow ADU rentals to fresh graduates, tourists, and other interested people. Generally, long-term rentals are allowed compared to short-term to do away with neighborhood complaints. An accessory dwelling unit, just like any other property, adds value to your property. Invest in BOSS’s ADU home kits to have your structure that increases the resale value of your property. We customize kits, and you can have contractors who offer build-on-site services.


Customized ADU kits with warranty

BOSS delivers customized and prefab ADU home kits. The kits are manufactured in the US and shipped directly to your location. BOSS is one of the US’s biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits. We have been manufacturing tiny homes for more than 20 years. The structures are delivered to your site within 4 to 6 weeks. We offer tiny homes at factory-direct pricing. Opt for prefab kits, which will help you save money and prevent delays due to extreme weather conditions. Prefab ADU home kits are lightweight and easily transported to your location. They come with a 3-year warranty. 

BOSS manufactures environment-friendly kits

BOSS utilizes LGS-outlined enduring steel boards. LGS is a material that creates no waste material. It is prevalent, lighter, and tougher. It furnishes the establishment with seismic soundness and strength. BOSS kits are greener, they do not pose a threat to the environment. The structures use 35% reused plastic to create our panels, and we have worked with notable global plastic producers. The panels have adequate fire resistance. This can decrease the carbon impression because the panels have a higher level of protection. BOSS homes are harmless to the ecosystem and utilize less energy.

Our Permit Package

Nothing to worry about regarding permits because we offer a Permit Package. We also offer lucrative financing plans as we have partnered with CustomFin. We have flexible repayment options, and our interest rates are as low as 3.99%. You do not need to make a hole in your pocket to own an ADU house kit

Final words

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