A tiny cabin can be ideal for those who wish to have a space of their own

Feb 11, 2021

Do you want to have independent space for yourself? You might not have sufficient space in your house to relax or to sit alone and work. A small, simple cabin is the most affordable option for people with a limited budget. There are various types of cabins available in the market at varying prices. But if you are looking for an affordable solution, you can build a cabin yourself. Do you have a yard or wish to build a portable cabin that you can take along with you to save the accommodation expenses? 

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The rising popularity of tiny homes: 

Tiny homes are a very popular solution in the USA; many people are relieved that tiny house kits were invented. Buying or renting a cabin space can be expensive, but you can save cost and time by building one yourself. Are you looking for tiny house manufacturers? There could be many, but BOSS is one of the most popular in the USA. We manufacture modern DIY cabin kits that come with easy and simple instructions. 

The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

We care about your investment and ensure that you can build a cabin just when you need to. This is why we have a financing plan for you. We have the Tiny House Loan that takes only a few minutes to be approved. We check the eligibility and ensure that your loan gets approved within a few minutes. This easy financing has helped many clients own tiny space. If you require discussing the financing, you can discuss our experts with your prerequisites. 

BOSS helps you to own a property of yourself instead of paying rents. Even in this pandemic, we have offered a solution to so many clients. We are a store from where you can buy affordable tiny house kits. Apart from being budget-friendly, our kits are easy to assemble. 

Easy to install the DIY kit:

Invest in the Shell Plus kit if you are looking for prefab cabin kits. This kit is available in two sizes; you can choose the bigger or the small one according to the requirement. The two are 8.5’x 20′ and 8.5’x26′; you need to shell out $9,995 for the more compact one and $12,995 for the bigger size. It’s a DIY transformable kit with a 3 years warranty; also, it is very easy to install. 

Assemble your own tiny cabin:

Setting up your own cabin was never this easy; the installation takes only 3 days if two people are doing it together. Assembling a tiny house is something that no one does it all alone, so it is expected that you always have some assistance. But if you do not have time or do not wish to install it yourself, you can hire a local contractor. The Shell Plus is the best if you are looking for a tiny house on a trailer kit, but you can also build a cabin in your yard on the foundation. 

Final words:

The kit has pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems; this saves you from the hassle of hiring a separate contractor immediately. The kits are shipped carefully in wooden crates to prevent any damage. Request for a quote today. 

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