A portable cabin will be the ideal choice if you are planning to travel for work

Mar 05, 2021

A portable cabin can help avoid additional expenses while you are traveling for work. For those who are looking for a cabin within the budget, choose building one for yourself to avoid extra costs. There are kits available that make DIY cabin building easier and affordable. Tiny cabins are available at a fraction of the price of traditional cabins. The most interesting part is that you can have the structure designed as per your requirements which is also called customization. Tiny homes are a creative and radical way to offer affordable spaces, reducing living expenses and carbon footprint. 

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Tiny houses are a growing trend in the USA as many are eager to invest in DIY tiny house kits. BOSS is a popular tiny home kit manufacturer in the USA. Making your task simpler, we bring to your affordable shells that are easier to assemble. The kits come with easy instruction, and the building process is not very complex. It takes only 3 days for 2 people to assemble a tiny cabin.  

Get larger tiny houses now – enjoy more space 

The good news is that now ‘tiny cabins’ or ‘tiny homes’ are not tiny anymore. BOSS Shells are available in bigger sizes to fulfill your requirements. The Shell Plus is available in sizes 16’x40′ and a real big one is 24′ x 80′. You can also choose sizes larger than this or smaller; we customize accordingly. It’s a DIY transformable kit with a 3 years warranty. We manufacture modern kits that come with plumbing and electricals already pre-installed. This is indeed extremely beneficial as it relieves the hassle of hiring a contractor immediately for the installation. 

Are you interested in building a tiny cabin for yourself?

The assembling process requires thousands of pounds. Also, the location of the building plays a big role. If you choose to build one on the foundation, a yard would be the best place. These projects are undertaken by clients who have a decent amount of savings and access to personal loans. 

Is the budget barring you from owning a tiny space? 

BOSS has made arrangements for those who feel they do not have enough cash to own a tiny space just when they need it. We have the Tiny House Loan that takes only a couple of minutes to get approved. We have a team to check the eligibility. We believe in helping clients own a tiny space so that they do not have to worry in the future. 

Looking for a portable cabin?

The property market has grown enormously, and the prices have hiked to an unimaginable extent. BOSS suggests miniature living, which is indeed a great idea to save more money and meet your requirements. The Shell Plus is a tiny house-on-trailer kit, hassle-free to install on a trailer. It’s ideal for those looking for a portable cabin solution. 

Own your own space now

The kits are shipped carefully in wooden crates to prevent any damage. Invest in tiny house kits on wheels from BOSS Tiny House. BOSS aims to make tiny homes a popular spacing solution that would become a very usual property market choice. We have helped many to become proud owners rather than paying hefty rents—request for a quote.

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