A Man Cave for Every Man who Wines to Relax and Unwind at the End of the Day – Building Tiny House Using BOSS Kits

Aug 20, 2019

Men need their own spaces mainly to unwind themselves and have a good time with their peers. They visit a friend’s place, pubs, discos but mostly all of them love to have their own corners. These days’ apartments are not so spacious that you can have a private space and even if you are living in a spacious property, you might have other family members living with you. BOSS Tiny House has a solution to this problem.

Design Yours

We have a lot of clients coming to us for a tiny house solution because they wish for a man cave. Yes, we help our clients build man caves so that there is a private space for the men to relax and unwind. Yes, this is definitely a solution for those who have a tight budget and yet looking for own space. It is easy building tiny house and having a space that you can call your own.

Joe is one such client of ours who wanted to build a man cave and he had a very limited budget. He has a passion for playing cards and has a decent number of friends who are his playing mates. After the day’s work, he wishes to spend some time alone or with his friends after spending enough time with his family. He spoke to us about the payment structure and we assured him that he was eligible for a financing. At BOSS, we have financing options but we do check the eligibility before offering it. At first he insisted that we build a tiny man cave for him in his yard because he did not have much time. Yes, at BOSS we have on-site building facility, we can build a tiny house for you at any location and our houses are not assembled inside our factory premises rather we build it on-site. But at BOSS we usually convince our customers to build a tiny house, it’s an experience and you can also save on labor costs. We are the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits; we have all types of kits so mainly you need to decide first for use you are planning to build a tiny house. So, Joe decided that he wanted a compact man cave so we designed custom tiny house kits and he called upon a couple of friends and installed it really fast. He also took the help of Google, read tutorials and watched videos. His tiny man cave is all about a space to relax where he could have a good time with a couple of friends, a bathroom, a kitchen and his very favorite loft area. He customized the space so there is a space for setting up a mini bar along with a small refrigerator. He is setting up the space very close to his garden, right in the yard keeping some space for cooking barbecues.

After he was all set, we are proud of this client who came to us and thanked us and he spread good words about BOSS Tiny House. This made us feel absolutely wonderful; we love when clients say about us. Are you looking for a tiny house solution and looking for a manufacturer? You can rely on BOSS because we are the only tiny house manufacturer that offer kits at affordable rates along with easy installation instructions incase you are looking for  tiny houses near me. Please get in touch with us for a consultation.

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