A detailed comparison – Stick-built homes vs. affordable tiny house kits from BOSS

Sep 08, 2022

Americans are looking for affordable tiny houses with high durability and low upkeep. However, many are confused between tiny homes and stick-built houses. The stick-built ‘houses’ are ready-made wooden structures coming directly from the factories for on-site construction. They are a traditional choice, but the only catch is the expense. The stick-built houses are not an economical choice. They are high maintenance, and the construction process is laborious and time-consuming, drilling a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for affordable tiny house kits, then come to BOSS Tiny House. Americans find the best tiny house kits at BOSS at factory-direct prices. In addition, there are various customized tiny house kits on wheels, and some are designed to be built on a foundation. 


Are you undecided about stick-built houses and tiny homes? Then, here is a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Longevity and insulation 

If you think the wooden stick-built houses are long-lasting and strong, rethink and recheck the facts. The wooden structures are prone to rotting, bowing, molding, and attracting termites. The moisture-absorbent wooden roofs and walls require waterproofing and painting and are not resistant to fire, corrosion, and moisture. The stick-built houses do not offer adequate climatic control and waterproofing features. That’s why the stick-built manufacturers need to put in extra work to raise the standard of quality culture.

On the other hand, the best tiny house kits from BOSS are economical yet durable. The BOSS homes have a 3-year warranty and are manufactured with galvanized ASTM-certified steel to ensure optimal strength and durability. The prefab structures from BOSS are FM-approved, CA-certified, and resistant to fire, chemicals, and termites. You will never find the affordable tiny house kits from BOSS rotting, molding, or falling apart. The tiny homes offer excellent PIR insulation, and the 2” walls exceed the Title 24 certification to control climatic fluctuations effectively. However, at the other end, the stick-built structures barely meet Title 24 certification as the 4” walls offer poor insulation, which makes them come second to BOSS Tiny House.

Installing and maintaining the tiny house 

Whether you get the tiny house kits on wheels or built on a foundation, the maintenance is simple, affordable, and hassle-free. The tiny home comes in standard or customizable sizes, and you can order customized smaller or larger versions. Since BOSS tiny homes are compact, low maintenance, and made from 30% recycled materials, they are eco-friendly and an affordable choice in the long run. Even the installation of the tiny home is quick and affordable. You need 3 days to install the home kits with the help of 2 laborers.

On the other hand, stick-built houses are high maintenance and require professional upkeep like painting, waterproofing, and repairing every few months. Additionally, installing the stick-built houses is expensive as the process is slow, time-consuming, laborious, and conventional. On the other end, BOSS tiny home assembling is like a fast Lego-like system that snaps together, making them quick, cost-effective, and strong.

Final Words 

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