A buyer’s guide to custom-made ADU kits

Mar 10, 2022

Meeting friends and family after extended periods of time is a moment we all cherish. Talking about life, sharing moments, and living together can be fun. If you enjoy hosting guests, building a functional living space available for use can be a great idea. The separate accommodation will allow minimal disruptions and offer a sense of independence. Considering the high living costs, try installing an adu kit inside your yard. BOSS designs innovative and comfortable living quarters for extended family, aging relatives, and guests. Here are some reasons why you should invest in custom-made adu kits from BOSS.

Private and accessible

If you have grandparents or elderly parents, having a separate space offers an advantage of spending time together while giving them a sense of independence. The ADU kits come in sizes 16’ x 40’ and 24’ x 80’. However, you can choose a smaller or bigger unit based on your requirement. The proximity eases security and is a wise option for families. Each tiny home kit consists of essential amenities, including a preselected bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. You can consult with the experts to design customized floor plans taking mobility issues in mind. 

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Custom-Made and Innovative

An ADU in your backyard can function as a flexible space to rent out. You can create a luxurious, functional, and comfortable space for travelers and short-term renters. The kits arrive in prefab structures and feature a Built-on-site system. You can hire a local contractor or call a friend to help install the home kit in approximately three days. Tiny house kits include insulated steel roofs and soft-textured vinyl wall coating to sustain ambient temperatures. The ribbed steel panels ensure durability, while the locking system maximizes security. 

Avail The Home loan

You can save a good amount of money by choosing a tiny home over traditional housing units. Tiny house kits are affordable and open up several chances for passive income. If you need some financial help, you can apply for a loan. The loan gets sanctioned within a few minutes after you meet the eligibility criteria and submit the paperwork. Once it’s approved, you can sit down with our experts to start designing the tiny home of your dreams.

A Future Investment

Adding an ADU to your property can be beneficial for the future. Depending on the site plan, adu units can increase the property value and generate passive income when unoccupied by visiting family and friends. Our experts customize unique layouts for aesthetics and optimal functionality.

Wrapping Up

The adu kits have pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems to make life easier and more comfortable. Each kit comes with a three-year warranty and is resistant to heat, sound, and fire. 

With proper guidance and unique planning, you can avail a completely customized unit in your backyard. Get in touch with us for a free consultation session. Order online and get custom-made tiny home kits at your doorstep. Request and no-obligation quote today.

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