5 reasons to install ADU kits inside your property

Jan 10, 2022

Do you wish to support your old parents and bring your family closer to one another? Or maybe the college graduate needs some personal space, and ADU kits can be an ideal housing option. Sometimes expanding your home to make space for several generations is a great idea. However, the cost of living is extremely high, and for living within a budget, you need to get tiny home kits on a foundation installed inside your yard. BOSS provides you with custom-made tiny house kits that come with numerous benefits to keep your family close together throughout life. Here are five such reasons why you should invest in ADU kits.

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Privacy and autonomy 

The ADU kits come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’ x 80’ sizes. However, one can choose to go bigger or even smaller based on the necessities. In addition, you can opt for customized kits that are either built on a foundation or on wheels. The kits offer privacy to the family as you get a separate space with all the amenities for comfortable living. The home kits are spacious with preselected kitchen space, dining area, bathroom, bedroom, and other necessities. If your in-laws or young children aren’t comfortable staying together, then ADU kits can offer good privacy and give them the autonomy to live life to the fullest.

Home loan – Financial relief 

Tiny house kits are affordable than traditional apartments, but a home loan can give you the financial relief that you desire. You can design the tiny home of your dreams and also apply for a loan. All that’s required is to meet the eligibility criteria and do some paperwork. Once you meet the criterion, the loan gets sanctioned within a few minutes, giving you the monetary power to get the tiny home of your choice.

Rental income 

Did you know the ADU kits can also offer a good rental income in the future? If you are worried that the kids would get financially independent and move out or the in-laws might leave after a few months – then give out the tiny home kits for rent. The homes come with a 3-year warranty and are highly durable. The doors and roofs have ASTM-certified steel that adds security to the structure. The vinyl wall cladding offers heat and sound insulation. The rent will help you get additional pay every month and become a good source of passive income for your family.

Easy to install 

The tiny homes are super easy to install. The homes have prefab structures that get assembled within three days with the help of two skilled workers. The DIY kits come with a user-friendly installation manual that will direct you towards perfectly installing the prefab structures. In addition, the homes have pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities that make living comfortable and easy.

Customize the ADU unit 

Don’t like the design and layout of the typical ADU kits? Then, design your own and let us know. BOSS Tiny House allows you to design your own tiny place – just like your dreams. You can change the layout, shape, size, style and get a freshly new tiny home that looks beautiful yet is as functional as possible.

Wrapping up

Get in touch with us for a free consultation session. The experts at BOSS can give you valuable advice and vital inputs for ADU kits and their installation. Request a quote now.

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