4+1 valid reasons why you should build an ADU on your property

Feb 26, 2021

ADU – an accessory dwelling unit can be an added asset on your property and make your living good and fine. There are several benefits of using tiny house kits and converting them into your ADU space.

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Increase property valuation:

If you have plans to sell off your property and want to make the most of it, then an ADU can be a wonderful addition. If you buy affordable tiny house kits and construct an ADU, then your property value is going to shoot up, unexpectedly. When the resale value goes up with just one addition, then it gets all the more tempting to get this additional space on your property. Go by logic and you will know that this additional separate living space can bring a happy buyer to the table who might be willing to offer a higher price knowing pretty well that they could put the ADU on rent and earn well enough through the ADU.

PG Accommodations:

PG or Private Guests need their personal space and with DIY ADU kits you can give them just what they are looking for. Without separate bathrooms, kitchen spaces and living rooms, the guests get a separate space from the family, yet they would be living together. ADU provides all the privacy the guests could ask for. Guests usually have a unique schedule of their own, which might disturb the family. But when you have ADU on your property, then no one’s personal space or privacy is hampered.

Rental Income:

Want more cash? Then get an ADU kit installed in your home and put it out on rent. The arrangement can be made to generate a short term income plan or even a long term plan if you are in need of money. These homes come to best use when you live in a place that attracts tourists all year round. Vacation destinations are the best places to have ADU homes to help generate income. Airbnb and services alike can help you get the best rents at a premium rate. These rentals are a great source of income and can cover a huge portion of mortgage every month. However, you need to look at the rental programs in your area and then plan out your strategy.

Low-cost Housing:

Have in-laws coming over? Or do you have an adult child who needs some space? Or maybe your older child needs to stay with you until they are financially solvent enough to move out. Whatever might be the scenario in your situation, ADU is the best option for low cost housing. When talking about your mother-in-law coming and staying over, then these tiny houses on wheels can be an asset and can help you secure your privacy- especially if you aren’t comfortable having people move about your space.

When it’s your older child who has faced the pandemic job crisis or just started earning and needs low cost housing just for a few months, then ADU can come to the rescue. The apartment allows a separate space to stay in and gain some independence without having to spend much. 

Work from Home – The +1 Added Asset:

Talking about the pandemic, how can we forget the work from home! Working from home can be fun, but not when kids are yelling around the whole house. Zoom and Skype meetings can be a challenge, but when you have a tiny ADU on your property, then just shift in and put all the noise out.

Isn’t ADU a great idea? Think no more and start shopping for your ADU kit.

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